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To verify if there is burning allowed each day or to obtain a burn please call the Georgia Forestry Commission at 1-877-652-2876.

Burn Permits for Residents Outside of the Cities of Ball Ground, Holly Springs, Nelson and Waleska Are Handled Through The Georgia Foresty Commission
The Fire Marshal's office is responsible for issuing commercial burn permits. Residential burn permits for the above mentioned cities may be obtained by using the online form listed below. Commercial permits require a visit by the Fire Marshal's office to visually inspect the areas, please click here on the link to see the requirements for a commercial burn permit.
To request an onsite inspection call (678) 493-6290.
Phone Numbers for GA. Forestry Commission
  • Daily Permit Only 1-877-652-2876
  • Web Site For Daily Permit Online Georgia Forestry Commission
Online Residential Permit
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Rules for Air Quality Control (mandatory download)

NOTICE: This permit is NOT VALID for residents living inside the city limits of WOODSTOCK and CANTON. You MUST contact the local numbers listed below for permits.
  • City Of Canton / Allows residential / commercial burning / 770-479-7287
  • City Of Woodstock / Residential burning only / NO COMMERCIAL BURNING AT ALL /
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