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Construction submittal requirements

New Building


Tenant Finish

Shell Building


This is not an all-inclusive list but this should be used as a guide for plan submittal.

The following is required by the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office for plan submittal for commercial projects in Cherokee County:

  • Building Name:
  • Building Address:
  • Project Name:
  • Tenant’s Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Deign Professional Name:
  • Address:


This is for construction and possible change in use.

Please provide compliance and notes for the following on the plans according to the International Building Code (IBC code) and the Life Safety Code (LSC)

  • IBC Allowable area:
  • IBC Actual area/square footage:
  • IBC Allowable height:
  • IBC Actual height/ number of stories;
  • IBC Area and height increase (show calculations on the plans): IBC Building Construction type:
  • Does the building need a sprinkler system according to the IBC? Does the building need a sprinkler system according to the LSC? Is the building sprinklered?
  • Does the building need a fire alarm system according to the LSC or any other codes? Does the building have a fire alarm?
  • Occupancy class according to the IBC:
  • Occupancy class according to the LSC:
  • Occupant load according to the LSC:
  • Of the entire building/ suite:
  • Broken down by each room:
  • Broken down by each use:


Provide the following:

  • Architectural and engineered stamps as required.
  • Wall details:
  • Provide a list of all fire-resistance rated assemblies. Also, provide a diagram of the actual testing agency design and include the approved tested design number.

o   Firewall

o   Fire barriers

o   Fire partitions

o   ETC...


  • A door schedule to include the following:

o   Rating of doors

o   Fire hardware

o   Panic devices


A Knox Box will be provided.

The FDC is not to be placed on the building.

 A site plan indicating the location of the building.

 Are the plans for?

Please indicate this on the plans.

  • Site
  • New construction Addition
  • Tenant Finish
  • White Box
  • Etc...

 For and addition or a remodel provide the following:

Provide Complete:

o   Mechanical plans

o   Plumbing plans

o   Electrical plans


Include the following as needed:

  • A summary of flammable and/or combustible liquids in use and storage. If there is going to be storage in the building
  • Height of the storage
  • If there will be racking in the building



Effective January 1, 2020 State Adopted Codes:

                Please verify all currents Georgia State Amendments

  • 2018 International Building Code
  • 2018 International Fire Code
  • 2018 Life Safety Code
  • 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2018 International Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Plumbing Code
  • 2017 International Electrical Code
  • 2019 NFPA 13
  • 2019 NFPA 72
  • 2019 NFPA 96
  • And all current state amendments

 *These amendments to the State Minimum Standard Codes can be found at the GeorgiaDepartment of Community Affairs web site. All listed amendments for each corresponding code are applicable.

 Please complete and submit an Owner Information Certificate as required.

  • This is available on the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s website.
  • Please add the note below to the coversheet of all plans being submitted to the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s office for review.

o   The following plans have been reviewed by the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office.

o   The drawings were reviewed under the applicable laws adopted at the time.

o   Every effort was made to ensure code compliance.

o   Any code violations that were missed during the plan review are the owner's responsibility and must be corrected in order to receive final approval or a certificate of occupancy.

o   The following are required, a pre-construction meeting, a 50%, 80% and 100% inspection.

o   Sprinkler pipes require a pipe check prior to the hanging of the sprinkler pipe,for welded pipe only.

o   Site work needs a pre-construction meeting as well as underground inspections.

o   Please call the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s officeat 678-493-6290or email for pre-construction meetings and all inspections.



o   This will be determined at the 80% inspection.If there is not proper radio coverage from the inside of the building, you will be required to comply with this section.

o   The code is available on our website under 2012 IFCSECTION510EMERGENCYRESPONDERRADIO COVERAGE.

  • Please add the note below to the coversheet of all construction plans being submitted to the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s office for review.

o   The following plans must be electronic submitted to djbaiamonte@cherokeega.comand approved prior to the start of any construction in their discipline:

  • Fire sprinkler
  • Fire alarm
  • Hood system
  • Hood suppression
  • Rack plans
  • Paint booths
  • The plans will be issued once the fees have been paid.

o   The plans will be emailed back to applicant and a job site set of plans must be kept on site.

o   The Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s will not require a hard copy of the plans.