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Fire Marshal Reviews | Kitchen Hood Ventilation and Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Review


 Plans must be electronically submitted to

 Please take note:

The Fire Marshal's Office reviews Commercial Hood and as well as Hood Suppression plans (if suppression is required) for compliance with the requirements of the International Fire Code and NFPA Standard 96, NFPS Standard 17A and other appropriate NFPA Standards.

Please submit application as well, click here for application.

 If a hood suppression system is required, the information regarding the system must be submitted by a state-licensed fire suppression system installer. The suppression portion can either be submitted on the same set of hood plans or can be submitted separately if plans are prepared by a separate contractor. Once plans are received, you will be notified of the amount due. Plans are required to be submitted directly to the Fire Marshal's Office for review and approval prior to installation. You must pay for the review online. The method of payment and permit number will be emailed to you. Once the fees have been paid and the plans he been approved, the plans will be emailed back to you with a stamp of approval. You are required to have a jobsite copy of the plans kept on site. The Fire Marshal's Office will not need a hard copy of the plans.

General Requirements for Kitchen Hood Ventilation and Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Review

Compliance with the following list of items will ensure a timely review of commercial hood plans:

Acceptance test shall be conducted in accordance with Fire Code. Contact Cherokee County Fire Marshal's Office for Acceptance testing to be witnessed.