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Cherokee County Fire Station #24 Closed Temporarily for Renovations

January 7, 2019

Cherokee County Fire Station #24, located off old Highway 5 at 1,000 River Park Boulevard between Woodstock and Holly Springs, will be closed temporarily for renovations.

The fire station, which was closed on January 4th, will not reopen until sometime around March 4thdepending on the weather. According to Cherokee County Field Operations Chief, Shane West, “The contractors are performing a renovation to include a full roof replacement, replacing the HVAC, upgrading the ceiling tiles and lights throughout the station, increasing the size of the mechanical room, plus, they are isolating the firefighter gear room to accommodate ventilation separate from the inside station area.” This is being done due to recent evidence that has shown that it’s not just the flames themselves or the inhalation of smoke that’s causing the death of firefighters in historically large numbers. It’s the toxic and often carcinogenic soot that’s left behind on the fire gear and the firefighters themselves.

Chief West wants to assure the citizens that live in that area that they will still be covered by a squad and fire apparatus. On December 30thof last year, Squad 24 was the 13th squad (ambulance) to be placed in service at Station 24 and has been relocated to Station 20, off Bells Ferry Road. Engine 24 will be relocated to Station 8 in Holly Springs.

Contractors have said the renovations should take approximately 2 months to complete, however, the time could be longer or shorter depending on the weather.


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Fire Station #24 will be closed temporarliy for renovations
Fire Station #24 will be closed temporarliy for renovations (click image for slideshow)