Lieutenant Paul Faulkner Retires

Lt. Faulkner stands with family and friends in front of Fire Station 16 at the end of his last shift.

Lieutenant Paul Faulkner finished his last shift this morning at Station 16 in downtown Canton.

Lt. Faulkner was recognized at a retirement breakfast held at Station 16 this morning where friends and family gathered to honor him. Fire Chief Eddie Robinson presented Lt. Faulkner with a speaking trumpet. The speaking trumpet is a symbol of leadership and tradition in the fire service. In the 18th century, American volunteer firefighting companies would use speaking trumpets to amplify their voices over the noise and commotion on a fire scene while directing the firefighters battling the fire. CCFES commonly presents a speaking trumpet to retirees in honor of their service to the department and the citizens of our community.

Lt. Faulkner joined CCFES as a career firefighter in 2005 after several years of volunteer service as a Fire Explorer. He’s served the citizens throughout Cherokee County faithfully since then with his last assignment being at Station 16.

The members of CCFES are grateful for the years of service Lieutenant has given to the department and community. We wish him a long and happy retirement!

Posted : February 19, 2024

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