Firefighter Recognized for Saving Lives

From left: Logan Woodall, Beau Witcher, Anna Bowyer, Alyson McGouirk (patient's mother), Jeremy McGouirk (patient's father), Aaron McGouirk (patient), Troy Kizer, Larry Stephenson III, Benjy Pearson.
From Left: Richard Jordan, Mike Thomas, Ben Phillips, Isaiah Powell, Ethan Sanders.
From left: Matthew Brooks, Ryan Laughridge, Nathaniel Croft, Ben McGowan, Reggie Thurman.
From Left: Corey Deal, Joe El-Bisi, Shaun Allen, Stan Ice, Matthew Malhoit, Nicolas Rodriguez, Ryon Nick, Cesar Saavedra, and Michael Sims.
From Left: Troy Kizer, Benjy Pearson.

Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services (CCFES) held an awards ceremony on Tuesday night at the Cherokee County Fire Training Complex, recognizing the exceptional accomplishments and dedication of thirty firefighters.

The awards presented were the result of their responses to five separate incidents over the past several years. Among the accolades were four Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Lifesaver Awards and one Unit Citation.

The ceremony commenced with the presentation of EMS Lifesaver Awards to Benjy Pearson, Anna Bowyer, Troy Kizer, Zach Bennett, Larry Stephenson III, Corey Wester, Beau Witcher, and Logan Woodall. These firefighters were lauded for their exceptional patient care, which resulted in saving the life of a newborn patient in cardiac arrest. Through their swift actions, the patient received necessary treatment, was transported to a hospital, and made a remarkable recovery. The patient and parents were able to be present at the ceremony to thank the firefighters and join them in fellowship after the ceremony.

The second EMS Lifesaver Award was presented to Richard Jordan, Ben Phillips, Isaiah Powell, Ethan Sanders, and Mike Thomas for their outstanding efforts in saving another patient's life, ensuring their safe transport to a hospital and subsequent recovery.

The next EMS Lifesaver Award was presented to Matthew Brooks, Nathaniel Croft, Ryan Laughridge, Brian Magill, Ben McGowan, Eric Parr, and Reggie Thurman. These firefighters provided lifesaving care to a patient in cardiac arrest. Due to their quick decision making and proper treatment, the patient made a full recovery and was able to visit with these firefighters after being discharged from the hospital.

The final EMS Lifesaver Award was presented to Shaun Allen, Corey Deal, Joe El-Bisi, Stan Ice, Matthew Malhoit, Nicolas Rodriguez, Ryon Nick, Cesar Saavedra, and Michael Sims. These firefighters responded to a patient that went into cardiac arrest on a golf course with limited access for responders. Thanks to their quick response and ability to adapt & overcome a complex situation, these firefighters were able to resuscitate the patient on the golf course and successfully transport them to the hospital for recovery.

Unit Citations were then presented to Benjy Pearson, Zach Bennett, and Troy Kizer. These members were honored for utilizing their experience and knowledge on an EMS call to discover lethal levels of Carbon Monoxide in multiple residences. They successfully evacuated the homes and mitigated the emergency before the incident became fatal. Their work went beyond the call by influencing the improvement of department policies and equipment to assist in future calls.

The exemplary performance of these dedicated firefighters embodies the highest ideals of the American fire service and reflects positively on themselves and Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services. Their actions underscore their unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Cherokee County.

We are immensely proud to have such outstanding members within our ranks, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their selfless service to the citizens of Cherokee County and CCFES.

Posted : May 15, 2024

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