Permits - Commercial Outdoor Burning


Commercial Outdoor Burning

The Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office (CCFMO) and the Cherokee County Developmental Services have new plan review process. The way the plans have been submitted to the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office  has changed and the plans will now be submitted online through the CityView portal under “apply for a building permit”.

For help please call 770-721-7812 or 770-721-7816.

There is a digital upload fee of $50.00



The Commercial Fire Pit permit will fall under a Fire Prevention Permit.


Once the project has been assigned to the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office for review plan. The plan review process starts, and email with the amount due for the project will be sent to the applicant indicating the amount due for the project.

If is your responsibility to make sure the fees are paid. The permit will not be released until the fees have been paid.

If the plans are denied you will receive a emailed letter from the Development Services Center (DSC) stating why the plans were denied. Then you will be required to make corrections and resubmit the plans through the portal. The plans must be uploaded to the portal using the project number on the letter from the DSC..

When the plans are approved you will receive an emailed permit from the DSC.

The jobsite set of plans will be on the CityView portal, you will be required to print out the stamped jobsite set of plans.

You are required to have the permit and the jobsite set of plans on site for the preconstruction meeting as well as all inspections.

Failure to have either one will result in immediate failure of the inspection.

All inspections are to be scheduled through the CityView Portal.


If the Fire Prevention Permit is part of a master project, the permit must still be applied for as a standalone permit. The preconstruction meeting must be scheduled through the CityView Portal. It will be determined at the preconstruction what permit number will be used to schedule all  inspections. All inspections will still need to be  scheduled through CityView portal under the appropriate permit number.


All Permits

If the CCFMO needs documents, please do not email them, they must be uploaded on the CityView portal. Once the documents are uploaded, please email the inspector to let him know the documents were uploaded. 


Fire prevention staff:

Chad Arp [email protected]

Daniel J Baiamonte [email protected]

Lt. Michael Priest [email protected]

Lt. David Morrow [email protected]

Kevin M. Bruce [email protected]

Kent Erwin [email protected]

Brian Wood [email protected]