Reviews - Fire Alarm Plan

Fire Alarm Plan

The Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office (CCFMO) has a new plan review process. The way the plans have been submitted the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office has changed and the plans will now be submitted online through the CityView portal under “apply for a building permit”.

If you need help please call 770-721-7812 or 770-721-7816.

There is a digital upload fee of $50.00

Please take note:

  • Any building that is under the jurisdiction of the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office must still be submitted for review and approval to the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office if the building is within Cherokee County.
  • The Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office will charge a review fee for all reviews as stated in the fee schedule on this website.
  • All plans must follow the normal submittal process for Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office.
  • For all new apartments, the Cherokee County Fire Marshal’s Office is enforcing the 2019 NFPA 72, section 26.2.4 Alarm Signal Content. Where required by the enforcing authority, governing laws, codes, or standards, alarm signals transmitted to a supervising station shall be by addressable device or zone identification.

The Fire Marshal's Office reviews Fire Alarm System plans for compliance with the 2019 edition of NFPA Standards 72 as amended by the current state amendments found in Chapter 120-3-3 (State Minimum Fire Safety Standards) as well as the Life Safety Code and Georgia Accessibility Code Section 120-3-20-.39. The plans and the application are required to be electronically submitted through the CityView portal for review and approval before installing any equipment. You must pay for the review online. Once the fees have been paid and the plans he been approved, you will need to go to the CityView portal and print out your approved job site set of plans. The plans will have a stamp of approval. You are required to have a job site copy of the plans kept on site.

See Fire Alarm Requirements in Elevators for additional information.

The following is a list of items that will ensure a timely review of the fire alarm system plans:

  • Manufacturer and model of the fire alarm panel and components. Provide a copy of spec sheets for the panel and all attached equipment
  • Email plans with the floor plan showing the scale uses. Please use one of the following: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16. All rooms are to be labeled and provided with room dimensions. Please provide:
    • Equipment/symbol legend.
    • Indicate on plans the number of devices.
    • Device location (provide ceiling section when detectors are used). Indicate at devices the candela and decibels for the device.
    • Type of devices provided and a detail of device wiring: detector, horn, flow, tamper, etc.
    • Indicate fire alarm control and enunciator panel locations
  • Indicate the type and gauge of wiring or cable used for the system.
  • Provide a sectional view (s) of structure, roof, and ceiling, etc for structures without flat ceilings.
  • Provide riser diagrams with # and type of devices per circuit, zone ID., clearly indicating the type of circuit i.e. x, y, used in the design.
  • Provide a point to point wiring diagram of the system:
    • Indicate a number of conductors in each wire run.
    • Identify zone/circuit and end of line device locations.
    • Indicate the length of the longest circuit and resistance of a wire.
  • Clearly indicate if the system is a Central or Remote system.
  • Provide information on the method of sending signals to the monitoring company. Show phone jacks and or wireless device location on plans. Phone jacks are to be marked and located on the wall adjacent to FACP.
  • Show means of activation of magnetic door-releasing hardware and /or any other devices controlled by the fire alarm system.
  • Detectors used for elevator recall are connected to FACP.
  • Speaker amplifiers and tone generating equipment integrity is to be monitored. Indicate this on plans.
  • Provide battery calculation sheets.

Note: Prior to requesting an inspection of the fire alarm system the system is required to be fully tested and operational by the fire alarm installer. A copy of the Alarm Certification required by NFPA 72 and the fire codes is required to available at the inspection, preferably faxed to the office prior to the testing. The procedures and requirements for the Cherokee County Fire Marshal's Fire Alarm Acceptance Testing are available on this website. Please review to assist us in expediting your approval.