Cherokee County Fire
& Emergency Services

Contact Us

Anderson, Lauren EMS Executive Assistant e-mail 678-493-4133
Arp, Chad Fire Marshal e-mail 770-721-7808
Baiamonte, Daniel Plans Examiner e-mail 678-493-6294
Blevins, Jason GIS/CAD Specialist e-mail 470-758-0707
Bruce, Kevin Fire Inspector e-mail 770-721-7809
Burger, Karl IT Support Specialist e-mail 678-493-4030
Capps, Thomas Battalion Chief e-mail 678-493-4000
Cavender, Tim Director of Public Affairs/Public Information Officer e-mail 678-493-4107
Collett, Ricky Battalion Chief e-mail 678-493-4000
Collett, Cheri Investigator e-mail 678-493-4197
Cooper, Clete IT Support Specialist e-mail 678-493-6109
Davis, Chad Battalion Chief e-mail 678-493-4000
Deal, Scott Chief of Training e-mail 678-493-4372
Erwin, Katie Executive Assistant to the Fire Chief/Accreditation Manager e-mail 678-493-4018
Floyd, Dean Division Chief e-mail 678-493-4013
Gibbs, Shannon Battalion Chief e-mail 678-493-4000
Griffiths, Libby Human Resources Manager e-mail 678-493-4016
Grisham, Lisa Senior Fire Educator e-mail 678-493-6296
Herrin, Cassidy H R Assistant e-mail 678-493-4017
Johnson, Sandy EMS Quality Assurance e-mail 678-493-4034
Lanier, Kevin Battalion Chief e-mail 678-493-4000
Lawson, Kathy HR Specialist e-mail 678-493-4022
Liscio, Marc Battalion Chief/Support Services e-mail 678-493-4020
Martin, Angela Administrative Assistant for Training Division e-mail 678-493-4005
Martinez, Frankie Battalion Chief e-mail 676-493-4000
McElwee, Ryan Shift Commander e-mail 678-493-4000
Mitchell, Darrell Chief of Special Operations e-mail 770-479-0494
Morrow, David Fire Inspector e-mail 678-493-6292
Orr, Mark Shift Commander e-mail 678-493-4000
Pope, Ashley Investigator e-mail 678-493-4196
Prather, Tim Fire Chief e-mail 678-493-4031
Priest, Michael Fire Inspector e-mail 678-493-6299
Robinson, Eddie Assistant Fire Chief e-mail 678-493-4032
Stephens, Angela Adminstrative Assistant for Logistics e-mail 678-493-4283
Sullivan, Nate EMS Chief e-mail 678-493-4127
Thomas, Bryan Fire Warehouse Specialist e-mail 678-493-4063
Vaughn, Stuart IT Department Manager e-mail 678-493-4075
Ward, Brian Battalion Chief e-mail 678-493-4000
Waters, Paige Front Desk Clerk e-mail 678-493-4000
West, Shane Field Operations Chief e-mail 678-493-4006
York, Lauren EMS Billing/Records e-mail 678-493-4133